Become an affiliated retailer

By partnering with Affordable Sanitiser to sell our products, you can leverage profit by becoming an affiliated retailer. Buy our ET Sanitiser products and sell them in your retail or online shop.

Brand your own sanitiser

If you intend to include affordable sanitiser products to your existing branded goods portfolio, you can remain competitive with our product and still realise a great profit margin.

Protecting the NHS with preferential prices

We are now able to offer this hospital grade sanitiser to the NHS at preferential rates. We can provide our product either bottled or in 2.5 or 5 litre refill packs at astonishing prices, protecting our NHS during these times.

Proud to be supplying sanitiser at affordable prices

When the coronavirus pandemic emerged, the demand for hand sanitiser products rose and nobody could get hold of any! I tried to get some for my elderly parents and like most other people, I paid a fortune and waited about 6 weeks for it to come. Ridiculous!

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