Proud to be supplying sanitiser at affordable prices

When the coronavirus pandemic emerged, the demand for hand sanitiser products rose and nobody could get hold of any! I tried to get some for my elderly parents and like most other people, I paid a fortune and waited about 6 weeks for it to come. Ridiculous!

OK, the simple law of supply and demand kick in and “that’s life” I thought.

But when we saw our NHS crying out for PPE and sanitizer products to make hospitals a safe place for patients and workers, I decided to team up with a UK distillery and some associates to donate 1000s of litres of sanitiser to NHS hospitals up and down the country.

The UK Government guidelines state that companies have to supply staff and customers with hand sanitiser and so we knew demand would spike again and if you can get hold of It, you’d be paying extortionate prices.

So I decided team up with my sister to bottle this BS EN1500 certified product and sell it at affordable prices. We are now a BS EN1500 certified provider and deliver 1000s of ET Sanitiser bottles and branded bottles to companies all over the UK.

We are loving being able to provide essential sanitiser at affordable prices to UK companies and at even lower prices to the NHS and charities!

Paul Kemp Caroline Kemp