Everything has changed……..

Customers who used to treat us as a small insignificant transactional relationship are now stopping to thank us for the work we are doing, they value the formerly insignificant things we delivered in to their work places.

Having a well-connected, well educated and informed hygiene supplier today has become one of the most important things you can have.  We have remained open during this pandemic, and it has not been easy for anyone who works here. We’ve had to reassure scared and anxious people, we have had to deal with angry customers who can’t get what they need, we’ve had members of the public who have never shopped with us before being rude to our team members…. It’s been hard for us as it has been hard for everyone.

The scammers and opportunists are circling us like sharks, trying to obtain the hand sanitiser to re-sell – which we never allow, and will go to great lengths to check the people who are claiming to have doctors surgeries and dental surgeries – are actually practicing medics – this usually always ends up with confrontation – which we hate but are ready for battle to protect the people we need to protect – the most vulnerable.  We feel we are doing our absolute best for everyone who contacts us and we are trying …like our suppliers with all our might and every bit of resolve and determination to get supplies to the end user. So here is an update on our stock levels.

At the current time they supply chain for this product has faced unprecedented challenges. There was a shortage of Alcohol three weeks ago, and with the resolve and determination they have managed to find alternative suppliers of alcohol to use as a raw ingredient of the formulation of this hand gel. As the virus has taken hold and more individuals or self isolating this is directly affected the manufacturing of this hand gel.

Particularly the challenge we currently face is having enough people to manufacture the product; so it’s having enough bodies on the manufacturing line to run it safely – that’s the challenge. Our supplier is exercising a great deal of due diligence in the decision making process of when it is safe to manufacture and they put all distributors on a quota so that they can manufacture safely & thoroughly to the standard which we have all become accustomed to.

This is something to be admired and appreciated and grateful for. All manufacturers are working very hard to bring the product to us and our sister organisations so we can bring it to you. I would beware of those hand sanitisers with less than 60% alcohol,  because 60% alcohol is what is required to kill viruses and bacteria. There are hand gels out there being sold in leading High Street stores with less than 60% alcohol. I would also be aware of brands which say it’s ingredients operate in line with BS EN 1276 and the like; because operating in line with does not necessarily mean that it is as effective as an accredited product that carries the BS EN 1276 badge/accreditation – it is merely a claim (this happens a lot in the chemical industry!). Brands that say they operate in line with are effectively saying they are not BS EN 1276 accredited.  This product is BS EN 1276 which is proven to kill bacteria on a hard surface and is also BS EN 1500 which is a specific test for hand gel bacteria kill rate.

Only buy it from a reputable distributor who can provide safety datasheets and relevant credible information about to the product. Golden rule alcohol content over 60% is an absolute must.  

Aprons, gloves, PPE, overshoes, masks etc. we can no longer get any of this and the lead times in terms of the coming into the UK and us being able to put it back on our website and bring it to our end users will be at least June 2020. This is due to the high demand a great deal of supplies being diverted to first-line services; and many are stockpiling these goods in preparation for the Pandemic.

Antibacterial wipes which carry an accreditation are the same, the supply chain has been absolutely ransacked so there are none left in the UK. 

Our suppliers are working very hard and are runing the manufacturing line for 5ltrs of key chemicals which we jointly deem as being very important in the fight against COVID-19. These chemicals are suitable for domestic environments, care homes, hospitals, & doctors – because they all carry the accreditation BS EN 1276 which is a bacteria kill rate on a hard surface within 30 seconds for all of these products.

Most reputable distributors/manufacturers will tell you that COVID 19 is the new virus and one that has been not released to commercial labs to test. Therefore anybody who is claiming  that their product will categorically kill COVID-19 is not being honest – because there is no way to know.

Stay safe, stay indoors, protect yourself, our NHS, our care workers and everyone around you.


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